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Mission to Bethlehem




Howdy Y’all,

Today, I am so truly humbled and blessed by our AWESOME GOD and RISEN SAVIOR! We are missionaries sent here to the Arab world to “bear witness to the True Light.” As such, my award winning smile and stellar good looks do very little to result in income for my family. This is one of the hardest weights to carry, being a man and more specifically, my father’s son. When I turned 14, my father took me to the Department of Labor to get a work permit. Within a week I had three jobs: washing dishes at an all-you-can-eat buffet, mucking out stalls at a high- end farm, and working the drive through at Dairy Queen. I’ve had a job ever since, always had my own income, and never worried about where money would come from. That history has made this transition to the mission field so very difficult. Asking for money, and requesting offerings have never been my cup of tea. However, once we arrived and realized the great financial need that the school is in, we agreed to buy the water for the school whenever it runs out. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll understand that the water runs out much more often than I had initially realized. As a result, water has become our second largest expense of the year through February 1; food being the largest.

With the backdrop of an inadequate water supply, expecting a baby in April, and working every day in the school that God called us to be a part of we, received our most devistating financial report. The good folks at People for Care and Learning are kind enough to handle all of our donation money, deposit it into our account and send us a report on the first of every month at no charge to us. On February 1st the report was not at all encouraging. In fact Paige and I were legitimately concerned about how we were going to cover our food costs for the month. It was in the midst of this financial discussion that the school ran out of water and our world came to a shocking halt. You know those times when you’re thinking “this is bad; I don’t know how I’m gonna make it…” just then the other shoe drops and suddenly you wish you could get back to “this is bad.” Thankfully, we serve a mighty God who “…Provides food for those who fear Him, He remembers His covenant forever.” Our AWESOME God, our Father and Provider always finds a way to lift us up after we’ve been bedraggled through every kind of hell that satan throws at us. When we find ourselves besieged by the attacks of the devil, our God finds a way to fly in a food drop. That is where we find ourselves today, operation Food & Water has been a success and we are going to make it through another month. We serve a mighty faithful God who will remember His covenant.

I need to say a special thank you to the people of the Adairsville Church of God, our home church and our “bullpen.” Without you, our mission to Bethlehem would not be possible. To all of our other monthly supporters, we are truly grateful and humbled by your continued support and prayers. We pray constantly for the blessing and success of those who have made this mission possible. With unending gratitude and a humble spirit, I thank you all so much for everything you’ve done for my family and I.

Very Respectfully,

Kenneth H. Coomer III

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