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Hi everyone!

All is well in the lives of the Coomers! It is surreal and exciting that in a few short weeks, “the Coomers” will refer to three of us! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby boy! In the meantime, I’ve been experiencing Bethlehem a bit differently since we returned here after Christmas.

First of all, my third trimester began right when school started back. When we had been back one week, I experienced some pretty severe pain on my right side. After a couple of hours in the ER, I was diagnosed with “hydronephrosis.” It basically means that my right kidney is inflamed due the weight of our ever-growing baby.  He is healthy and doing just fine, but this painful condition cannot be resolved until he is born. However, I am so blessed to have time to rest and take it easy! Thanks to our Pastor and Superintendent,  a wonderful replacement for my second-grade class was found right before Christmas. She took over in January, right when I needed to stop teaching!

The transition from not teaching all day has brought about several opportunities for me. I have been able to rest when I need to, but also to spend one-on-one time with my students, tutoring them and visiting them individually when behavior problems arise. This has been amazing, as I was not able to do this when I was trying to control the whole class all day. I have also been partner-teaching Bible class with Kenneth to his 6th graders. We have discovered that we make a pretty good teaching team! I absolutely love this part of my day. We have been able to develop deeper relationships with the students through their questions about the Bible and Christianity. They are so interested  in learning more that they have invited us to their houses, and begged to spend time with us after school! It is incredible to see God working in the lives of these kids. We are looking forward to seeing more change take place as we continue our Bible lessons.

We serve such a faithful God! As Kenneth stated in his previous update – He never ceases to amaze us by meeting our needs at exactly the right time. Thank you, again and always, for your support and prayers!

Love and blessings,


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