The Coomers

Mission to Bethlehem


The struggle is real.


Well, here we are again! As always, I apologize for the lack of updates recently. Life has been…hectic. Wonderful. Difficult. Amazing.

Since the last update , we headed “home” to America and spent a glorious 4 months basking in the love and support of our family and friends. I gave birth to our completely precious and perfect daughter, Katherine Elizabeth, on September 1. Little Kenneth adjusted perfectly to life with a little sister, and God gave us an easy, calm baby so we could manage life with two. Sometimes I can’t believe it. TWO UNDER TWO. But such pudgy little blessings!

After feeling almost settled again in our cozy apartment in Georgia, we had to pack up and prepare to head back to the joys of the West Bank: no air conditioning or heat, unpredictable water supply, dangerous conflict, and many less conveniences. Like no Walmart. Which is probably the hardest part. Kidding! But, back to the land where Jesus was born and walked. Where every day we have the opportunity to impact children and speak His name as much as we want. Where the reward of doing so far outweighs the small things we have to do without.

When we got back to Beit Jala, our small community right outside Bethlehem, we moved into a new house. This was not a fun time for me, to be frank. I was jet lagged. Hungry. Hot. I felt nuts because we had 15 boxes and 6 suitcases to unpack, and I had an 18 month old trying to figure out where the heck we were, while his infant sister cried for Crazy Mommy. And as soon as we were all adjusted to the time zone, the babies and I caught THE PLAGUE. It was the virus of all viruses. Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Google it, and you will know of its horrors. Yes, adults CAN get it. The three of us suffered, cried, and didn’t sleep for days. It was quite honestly some of the roughest weeks of my life.

I feel that it is important to share those struggles transparently because it is A) cathartic for me, and B) I want our family, friends, and supporters to know that I feel like I was in the middle of a real spiritual attack. The enemy does not like what we’re doing here. He wants us to give up and leave. We won’t. We’ve already experienced breakthrough, and more is coming. As much as I sometimes get discouraged, I know why we’re here. Fighting doesn’t have to feel futile because Jesus. Always. Wins. Thank you all again, as always, for having our backs. We wouldn’t have made it through these first few weeks without your support.


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